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An important fact is that an Offshore Company does NOT include a residence and therefore no tax affiliation for the owner in the UAE.

Offshore Companies are incorporated enterprises and correlate basically with a limited liability company (LLC).​ The difference is the anonymity - consequently the associates won't be announced.

The foundation of an Offshore Company (IBC or International Business Company) offers numerous advantages, above all for investments in the real estate sector. Aspects like protection of your private assetsoptimization of taxation, trademark law, protection of testaments and questions about inheritance or, for example, position as a holding company of worldwide establishments make an Offshore Company into an appropriate company form. 

Besides, an Offshore Company may participate and have stakes in companies worldwide. There is also the fact that an Offshore Company, based in the UAE, is subject to no taxation in the UAE.

The Offshore Company form in the United Arab Emirates offers a very good price performance ratio and a quick non-bureaucratic registration. Offshore Companies (IBCs) are absolutely legal and become an increasingly used and effective instrument for individuals as well as existing companies in the area of asset protection.

Offshore Companies are allowed to transact business only outside the United Arab Emirates. 

For our clients we establish Offshore Companies in the UAE, including Registered Offices and Trust Services.



Office Address / Representing Address

Associate Contract

Virtual Office Services

(phone number, fax,...)



Provision of a Manager

Provision of

an Associate

All necessary Licences 

of the Proper Authority

Foundation Certificate

Certificate Representing Shares

An Offshore Company should NOT be mistaken for a company within the Free Trade Zone of the United Arab Emirates.